Sandstell Fishing Sheil

The Fishing Shiel dates back to 1735 at this location on Sandstell Road in Spittal, Berwick-upon-Tweed. The building was originally thatched and it is divided into two separate rooms, being the base for the net fishing at Sandstell and Hallowstell on estuary of the River Tweed. We aim to restore the building and turn it into a heritage museum depicting both the local salmon and herring fishing industries.

The building is Grade II listed and will undergo a full external and internal restoration but SIT do not intend to carry out any unnecessary works that might ruin the buildings character. SIT regard the securing, conservation and presentation of the Shiel as one of its most urgent priorities.  Salmon, and latterly herring, fishing were vital to the people in Spittal for employment, without this source of income local people would have had to seek employment outside the village, not as easy as it might be today. 

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